The Rockwell Opry at TROUT'S of Bakersfield

Rockwell's ~Trout's & The Blackboard Stages

TROUT'S~Bakersfield's Largest and Last of The Legendary Honky Tonks

In November of 1931 Trout's opened it's doors eventually to the set records in that have yet to be touched. Trout's has become Americas leading institution for building and preserving the iconic genre of music known as the "Bakersfield Sound." Trout's has become America's leader of live music by providing a combination of more free live music, karaoke, dancing and scheduled activities than any venue in the country. Trout's is a living museum with digital archives of hundreds of thousands of pictures, thousands of hours of video and priceless historical memorabilia serving Bakersfield and visitors form around the world 7 days a week and having only ever closed 4 days in over 79 years. Trout's is the largest and last of the legendary honky tonk venues and boasts to be home to Bakersfield's only TV show produced for the local artists "The Rockwell OPRY."